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At Takadanobaba's beauty trimming salon, Alomii, we help you maintain beautiful facial expressions and maintain beauty with head massage that relaxes the scalp and tension of the scalp to bring the whole body closer to a healthy state and facial massage that relaxes facial muscles. Doing. Experienced and reliable therapists from athletes and celebrities will be treated with care.
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There are many office workers who are busy with work and housewives who are chased by housework, but there are many problems with stiff shoulders. Sometimes it gets worse. In order to get rid of such a condition as much as possible, we are helping to prevent and relieve symptoms with various treatment menus. You can receive various types of treatments, and you can select a combination menu that suits your needs and conditions. If you have any concerns or wishes, please feel free to let us know.
Along with treatments to relieve symptoms such as stiff shoulders and low back pain, aroma oil treatment and reflexology can be used to not only condition the body mechanically but also relax the mind, so that the body and mind can heal. You can experience the palm at the same time. On the gallery page, you can see images of past treatment examples and salons, so please refer to them.