We can spend healing time with hospitality only by female therapist

If you are interested in receiving beauty treatments in Takadanobaba, please select the reliable and proven Alomii with celebrities and celebrity therapists. A female therapist is in charge of the treatment, so it is a salon that can be used with peace of mind and hospitality unique to women.
The days of the reservation are limited, but men can also use it, so it is an environment where you can receive high quality treatment regardless of gender. We will support you carefully so that you can get closer to yourself.

Manipulative treatment and facial care can be received at Takadanobaba

We offer counseling carefully to propose the most appropriate treatment for each customer's physical condition and concerns. Since the female therapist is in charge, please do not hesitate to consult us about any worries and delicate things that are unique to women. Our experienced and reliable therapists are in charge of athletes, so we can respond accurately to various problems.
The menu is suitable for a variety of customer conditions, from treatments that directly affect the body's illnesses such as pelvic adjustment, to things that can relax your mind and body, such as aroma oil treatment, and relax your healing time. You can choose We also offer treatments for men, so if you are looking for reliable and proven high-quality treatments, please feel free to use them regardless of age or gender.

We perform reflexology and manipulative treatment in Takadanobaba

If you are looking for a salon where you can receive reflexology, body care massage and other treatments that can relieve body and mind fatigue at the same time, please contact us. A trusted and proven therapist who has been in charge of celebrities and athletes will help you heal the fatigue of your body and mind accumulated in your daily life. It can be expected to prevent various symptoms by adjusting the pelvis, which may cause problems in other parts due to distortion. Small face adjustments and lift-ups are also available, so we can meet the needs of female customers who are highly conscious of beauty.
Since the female therapist is in charge, we will make suggestions for your worries from the perspective unique to women. There is also a menu where you can freely combine various treatments, so please feel free to contact us when you have a request.

A therapist with a proven track record performs high-quality manipulative treatment in Takadanobaba

A celebrity pursuit therapist who was in charge of the treatment of many athletes and celebrities, we support with all our heart to keep your mind and body healthy and beautiful. From prevention and treatment to relieve symptoms to treatment to maintain beauty, we will tailor it to each customer's condition and request. Therapists who have been in charge of many customers will make appropriate proposals utilizing the technology and know-how cultivated from abundant experience.
You can find the optimal healing method for customers with a menu that combines treatments that deal with physical aspects such as pelvic adjustment and treatments that provide both physical and mental healing, such as reflexology. If you are looking for a salon where you can experience a high-quality healing of the mind and body, you can spend a relaxing time with a recliner chair.