There is an abundant menu that corresponds from the head to the tip of the foot

We offer a menu that can heal not only your body but also your mind

Alomii, a beauty manipulative body in Takadanobaba, supports you with an abundant treatment menu so that you can ease the pain of everyday life. A therapist who has studied under a medical doctor and gained experience through clinical practice is in charge, so you can receive treatment with peace of mind.
It is a salon where you can experience not only the body but also the healing of the mind by performing reflexology and aroma oil treatment from the treatment to relieve symptoms by adjusting the pelvis and stretching. Please come and experience the reliable treatment from professional athletes and celebrities.

There are menus that can handle various problems that customers have, ranging from treatments to relieve symptoms such as shoulder stiffness, lower back pain, tension in various places, and treatments that simultaneously heal the mind and body, such as aroma oil treatment. We are. Our experienced therapists who have experience with treatments for many celebrities and athletes are available from counseling to treatment.
The female therapist will be in charge, so you can flexibly respond to the troubles unique to women, and can propose the best one from the abundant treatment menu. We also do lift-ups and small face adjustments, so this is the perfect salon for those who want to keep their beauty forever. The days that can be accepted are limited, but it can also be used by male customers, so please feel free to contact us without hesitation.