Please leave the body care and beauty treatment.

Alomii, who is performing manipulative treatment near Takadanobaba Station, offers an abundant menu of oil treatments and reflexology, and is confident not only in adjusting the physical condition but also in maintaining the beauty. There is. An experienced therapist will judge the customer's condition accurately and propose the most suitable treatment according to your request.
We make use of the experience at the surgical institution and the experience learned from the doctor in the middle of making proposals from the customer's standpoint, so you can receive high-quality treatment with peace of mind. Please come to experience reliable high quality treatment. In addition, please refer to the following frequently asked questions when using the service.

Frequently Asked Questions
Can I use a credit card?

It can be used.

Do you have a change of clothes?

There is.

What should I do if I am late?

Please contact us by phone. Please note that the treatment time may be shortened.

Can I get treatment while I am pregnant?

Only those who have been diagnosed with a doctor's diagnosis can be treated.

Can I bring in oil?

Yes, it's fine.

From reflexology and aroma oil treatments that can heal your mind and body at the same time, to treatments that can help relieve symptoms such as stiffness and tension of the body, we propose the best one for you from a variety of menus. In everyday life, such as work, school work, housework, etc., fatigue that causes shoulder stiffness and lower back pain will be accumulated without knowing it, but also in order not to exacerbate such conditions , Care is absolutely necessary.
The care is not only limited to the physical aspect, but also a combination of treatments that can refresh your mind, and we are doing everything with care so that you can send a comfortable daily life to as many people as possible. We are in charge of many athletes and celebrity customers, and we have trust and achievements, and at the same time, highly skilled therapists will be in charge of everything from counseling to treatment.