Please refer to the message from the Takadanobaba manipulative salon for reference

Based in Takadanobaba, Alomii, which operates a manipulative salon and supports customers with a high awareness of beauty and health, offers a wide range of treatment menus that shape total beauty. Of course, please use it as a small reward for yourself who is always working hard.
We also post comments on treatments and responses we have received so far, so that customers who are considering using the service for the first time can feel closer to the salon. Please take a look.

Comments from customers using the manipulative salon in Takadanobaba

The salon that faces the problems of stiff shoulders and back pain that you feel stressed when doing daily work and housework is open without taking a rest every day. We are glad to hear that you can use it. In addition, since it is open for a long time from 10:00 to 22:00, please feel free to drop in even if you are going to work late.
In addition to performing high-quality treatments, we offer a space full of cleanliness from the desire to enjoy a comfortable time to your heart's content. We have chosen a man who has never used a salon because we try to respond carefully one by one so that we can leave it to you when you return from the store. We also make efforts to create an atmosphere where you can feel the warmth and feel at ease, so please use this opportunity for customers who do not use the salon on a daily basis.

Please take a look at your impressions of Takadanobaba's salon, which makes use of styling techniques.

The salon, which provides support for customers who are pleased with the treatment and services that will delight their customers, provides a menu that can be used by people of all ages and genders. Thank you for your feedback. We are looking forward to your visit at a place where you can easily use it until 22:00, so please come to the store according to various occasions such as returning home from work or between housework.
Our staff, who have both high-quality technology cultivated by working in the beauty industry for a long time and a wealth of knowledge that is well-versed in health, will perform your treatment while closely adhering to your concerns. It features abundant treatment menus such as stiff shoulders and back pain as well as a menu to relieve stagnant lymph. We propose a menu that best suits your needs and concerns, so please drop in with peace of mind even for the first time.

We have posted a letter from a manipulative salon operating in Takadanobaba

If you would like to use a manipulative salon around Takadanobaba, please order Alomii, a staff member who has gained experience in the beauty industry and offers a comfortable time for each person. From the very beginning, a wide range of customers, regardless of age and gender, has earned the trust of many customers and has built up many achievements. Since we are making every effort to deliver high quality techniques cultivated in various experiences, we offer various types of treatment menus to shape healthy beauty. Please choose according to the mood and purpose of the day.
In order to help customers who are considering using the salon, we have posted the impressions of the treatments we have received so far. We will continue to strive for higher quality treatments, not to be fond of the happy words we have received, so when you come to the store for pains such as stiff shoulders and back pain, please feel free to visit us. Please consult the staff.

Takadanobaba's manipulative salon has a comfortable time

The salon, which has a high reputation and has been chosen by customers with a wide range of lifestyles from general people to celebrities, has a treatment menu that supports total beauty from head to foot, so it can be used for various purposes. Please use according to. Using the high-quality technology and rich knowledge cultivated by working in the beauty industry, we provide daily support to soothe customers' concerns and shape their goals. In addition, it is a salon that can be used casually at any time from 10:00 to 22:00, so it has received many joys from customers. We will continue to refine our technology every day so that we can spend a comfortable time with the goal of more satisfying services and treatments.
In order to make you feel closer to the salon, we have posted your feedback so far. Please feel free to drop in after using it as a reference.


A few minutes walk from the nearest station


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Tak Eleven 9F, 2-19-7 Takadanobaba, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo

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11:00 to 23:00

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Alomii, which is open as a manipulative salon, close to Takadanobaba Station every day, is the optimal treatment for each customer from a menu that heals various troubles such as stiff shoulders and back pain and accumulated daily fatigue. We are proposing. Also, we are waiting for customers to visit from 10:00 to 22:00 for a long time, so please come to the store according to various situations and situations such as returning home from work or between housework.,139.6339344,17z/data=!3m1!4b1

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