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The manipulative salon within walking distance from Takadanobaba Station has been blessed with a large number of customers since its opening, and has been well received by celebrities and celebrities in Japan and abroad. Thank you for your patronage of the salon, and we will deliver it to customers every day with services and treatments, so feel free to come if you are thinking of visiting the store.
We have received many voices of joy because we are performing treatments to firmly relieve your problems. Since it is published in the form of word of mouth, please see it as one of your reference.

Takadanobaba's manipulative salon has a nice voice every day

The salon, which is open every day with high-quality services and treatments, has been selected not only by ordinary customers, but also by celebrities and celebrities in Japan and overseas, and we have received great feedback. Thanks to the customers who go through various troubles and sincerity has been changed to a treatment that offers a variety of variations, we are delivering it to each person, so please feel free to contact us if you have problems such as stiff shoulders and back pain Please give me.
We offer treatment menus specializing in various problems such as lymphatic clogging and back pain, so we are blessed with customers who use it repeatedly for various purposes and situations, even if we are busy with work and child care From the desire to be a salon that can be used casually, it is characterized by being open every day from 10:00 to 22:00. We are improving the sensitivity of information on beauty and improving our technology every day, so please select it if you are having trouble finding a salon.

The manipulative salon has a voice of joy centered on Takadanobaba

The first salon is a salon that will be closely watched by the local people as well as the customers who come to the store by adhering to the community-oriented style. Please leave it with peace of mind to visit. We offer not only a treatment to soothe body pain such as stiff shoulders and daily fatigue, but also a relaxing time away from the hustle and bustle of the city. We make a space full of cleanliness, and sincere care is given to enjoy the treatment from the bottom of your heart.
Since we respond with sincerity from the time of visit to the time of return, we have received happy words from customers who have actually used it so far. We will continue to provide services and services that will make you more enjoyable in the future, so please feel free to come to the salon when you are in the vicinity.

Please take a look at the nice reviews we received from the Takadanobaba manipulative salon.

Alomii, who is very pleased as a manicured salon centering on Takadanobaba, has proposed a perfect menu for each person under careful counseling, so not only women but also salons can be used It is also used by male customers who have never been. Blessed with many customers who have patronized across gender and age barriers, we have built up a number of achievements while gaining deep trust from the very beginning. The staff who make use of the high technology and rich knowledge cultivated by working in the industry provides quality time, so please come to this opportunity once.
To help those who are considering future use, we have posted many reviews that have been received so far. We don't take pride in the words we are happy with, and we have refined our technology with the goal of better treatment, so please visit us as a reference for your review.

You can receive high quality manipulative treatment and body care near Takadanobaba Station

If you are looking for a manipulative salon near Takadanobaba Station, please use Alomii. The station is just a few minutes walk from the station's Waseda Exit, so it is ideal for people who want to go regularly. Although there is a store on the 9th floor of the building, security is important and the name of the salon is not displayed on the elevator. If you do not know the location, please feel free to contact us by phone.
It is fully equipped with a recliner chair and has a wealth of amenities and cosmetics, so you can relax and relax in your heart. We offer a variety of treatment menus, ranging from those that can be used to the body to those that can be expected to have a beauty effect. It is possible to make a reservation on the day, but please feel free to contact us.


You can receive manipulative treatment such as pelvic adjustment at Takadanobaba

You can receive treatment that suits you regardless of gender

If you are looking for a salon where you can receive beauty treatments in Takadanobaba, you should use Alomii. You can choose a menu that suits each customer, from treatment to relieve the symptoms of stiffness to treatment that can be expected to have a beauty effect. There are menus specializing in beauty that can expect facial lift-up and small face effects, but men are also available, so please feel free to consult us.
Our experienced therapists who have accumulated experience under the Chinese doctor and have been in charge of many athletes and celebrities are enrolled, so you can receive high-quality treatment with peace of mind. We are politely helping you to improve your physical and mental health, so please come and experience the healing time of your body and mind.

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Tak Eleven 9F, 2-19-7 Takadanobaba, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo

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11:00 to 23:00

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Alomii, which is open as a manipulative salon, close to Takadanobaba Station every day, is the optimal treatment for each customer from a menu that heals various troubles such as stiff shoulders and back pain and accumulated daily fatigue. We are proposing. Also, we are waiting for customers to visit from 10:00 to 22:00 for a long time, so please come to the store according to various situations and situations such as returning home from work or between housework.,139.6339344,17z/data=!3m1!4b1