There is a reason to be regarded as a high-quality manipulative salon in Takadanobaba

If you are looking for a manipulative salon around Takadanobaba Station, choose Alomii, which has a proven track record of supporting many customers in the beauty industry. The salon is characterized by the trust of not only general customers but also celebrities and celebrities in Japan and overseas.
We have posted the voices we have received so that you can use them as a reference for customers who are considering using them.

Takadanobaba's manipulative salon has a comfortable time

The salon, which has a high reputation and has been chosen by customers with a wide range of lifestyles from general people to celebrities, has a treatment menu that supports total beauty from head to foot, so it can be used for various purposes. Please use according to. Using the high-quality technology and rich knowledge cultivated by working in the beauty industry, we provide daily support to soothe customers' concerns and shape their goals. In addition, it is a salon that can be used casually at any time from 10:00 to 22:00, so it has received many joys from customers. We will continue to refine our technology every day so that we can spend a comfortable time with the goal of more satisfying services and treatments.
In order to make you feel closer to the salon, we have posted your feedback so far. Please feel free to drop in after using it as a reference.

Takadanobaba's manipulative salon has posted evaluations received from customers

The salon that is used as a station chica facility in various situations, such as after work and during shopping, deals with problems such as stiff shoulders and back pain, and performs treatments to relieve the stress of customers. We have prepared a menu to support customers who aim for total beauty from dry head spa to lower body concentration oil lymph as a beauty professional, so when you come to the store, don't hesitate to worry about your daily needs Please consult us.
It has become a salon that has built up many achievements by patronizing customers of a wide range of ages, and we have received joyful voices and deep trust. We will keep high quality treatments in mind so that you can spend a pleasant time in the future, taking advantage of the happy words you receive every day. We will propose the optimal treatment from various viewpoints in each person's position, so please feel free to use it for men who have never used salons as well as women.

Please select a salon in Takadanobaba, which is known for its high level of technique

The salon, which is based in Takadanobaba and offers a wide range of treatment menus with emphasis on beauty manipulative staff, has a lot of experienced staff. . To date, we have built up many achievements by engaging in the industry, and have cultivated high technology and deep knowledge. We will face each customer's troubles firmly and provide healing time every day without taking a rest until late at night. Please drop in according to various lifestyles and schedules.
The beauty salon, Alomii, has earnest trust and delightful feedback because of the careful handling and treatment with sincerity. We are open every day while valuing the strong desire to be helpful and pleasing to our customers, so if you are worried about the pain of your body, such as stiff shoulders, you may be worried alone. Please consult us at this opportunity.

Takadanobaba's manipulative salon has a nice voice every day

The salon, which is open every day with high-quality services and treatments, has been selected not only by ordinary customers, but also by celebrities and celebrities in Japan and overseas, and we have received great feedback. Thanks to the customers who go through various troubles and sincerity has been changed to a treatment that offers a variety of variations, we are delivering it to each person, so please feel free to contact us if you have problems such as stiff shoulders and back pain Please give me.
We offer treatment menus specializing in various problems such as lymphatic clogging and back pain, so we are blessed with customers who use it repeatedly for various purposes and situations, even if we are busy with work and child care From the desire to be a salon that can be used casually, it is characterized by being open every day from 10:00 to 22:00. We are improving the sensitivity of information on beauty and improving our technology every day, so please select it if you are having trouble finding a salon.


You can receive manipulative treatment such as pelvic adjustment at Takadanobaba

You can receive treatment that suits you regardless of gender

If you are looking for a salon where you can receive beauty treatments in Takadanobaba, you should use Alomii. You can choose a menu that suits each customer, from treatment to relieve the symptoms of stiffness to treatment that can be expected to have a beauty effect. There are menus specializing in beauty that can expect facial lift-up and small face effects, but men are also available, so please feel free to consult us.
Our experienced therapists who have accumulated experience under the Chinese doctor and have been in charge of many athletes and celebrities are enrolled, so you can receive high-quality treatment with peace of mind. We are politely helping you to improve your physical and mental health, so please come and experience the healing time of your body and mind.

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