We offer the best treatment for your request and condition

At Takadanobaba, we offer a variety of treatments, such as beauty treatments, reflexology, and aroma oil treatments. We can make full use of your body and soul by using pelvic adjustment and other treatments that lead to beauty.
The staff is a well-known celebrity and celebrity purveyor in Japan and overseas, and has proven and reliable technology, so you can receive treatment with peace of mind. Please feel free to contact us for reservations.

We will respond to a wide range of requests at the manipulative salon in Takadanobaba

At the beauty treatment salon in Takadanobaba, we can respond to a wide range of requests, from body care to condition your body to reflexology and aroma oil treatments to relax your mind and body. Therapists with reliable technology and hospitality that are trusted by athletes and celebrities are enrolled, so you can receive high-quality treatment with peace of mind. Please be assured that women's therapists will carefully respond to the needs of women's mind, body and both sides.
There are many women-only menus such as oil treatments, but this salon can also be used by men. Our salon can respond to your needs accurately, from treatments to relieve unpleasant symptoms in daily life to treatments to maintain beauty, so please consult us if you have any problems.

You can receive high quality manipulative treatment and body care near Takadanobaba Station

If you are looking for a manipulative salon near Takadanobaba Station, please use Alomii. The station is just a few minutes walk from the station's Waseda Exit, so it is ideal for people who want to go regularly. Although there is a store on the 9th floor of the building, security is important and the name of the salon is not displayed on the elevator. If you do not know the location, please feel free to contact us by phone.
It is fully equipped with a recliner chair and has a wealth of amenities and cosmetics, so you can relax and relax in your heart. We offer a variety of treatment menus, ranging from those that can be used to the body to those that can be expected to have a beauty effect. It is possible to make a reservation on the day, but please feel free to contact us.

It is a salon with a rich menu such as small face adjustment and manipulative treatment in Takadanobaba

We offer a wide range of menus that can heal both the body and mind, from treatments that adjust the body's tone, such as pelvic adjustment, to aroma treatments and reflexology. The menu will be limited to women only, but we will help you to stay beautiful forever with treatments using natural oils that can slowly heal your mind and body.
Although it is only available on days of the week, it is also available for men, so please feel free to contact us when considering using it. The service is also available in English, so if you have a foreigner who speaks English to a friend, you can use it without any problems when you recommend it. Celebrity therapists such as athletes and celebrities are dedicated to helping you soothe your body and mind, so be sure to experience quality treatments.

If you are using a manipulative salon in Takadanobaba, please check the FAQ

We help with healing both in terms of beauty and health, from the relief and tension of the head spa, to helping with small face and shape up. Pelvic distortion can cause symptoms in various places as well as in the disorder, but there is also a pelvic adjustment menu, so please consult with those who want to prevent before symptoms appear.
There are aroma oil treatments and reflexology on the menu where you can expect a beauty effect, so you can relieve stress as well as body fatigue. There are many menus that combine various treatments, so you can choose the one that best suits your condition and needs. Experienced therapists will propose the best menu for each customer. If you have any questions, please check the FAQ.

Please see the blog of the manipulative salon in Takadanobaba

From the head to the tip of the foot, we will support the healing of the body and mind with the treatment that suits the various conditions and requests of our customers. While living everyday, unknowingly accumulates stiffness and tension everywhere, and the body accumulates fatigue, but sometimes it accumulates stress without even knowing the mind. We are helping to relieve fatigue of your body and mind that are difficult for you even to notice.
The therapist who is in charge of the treatment is an experienced celebrity purveyor who is also in charge of athletes and celebrities. We will listen to the customer's request firmly and propose the best treatment to heal the body and mind. Please refer to the blog for information on the daily life of the salon and various information.