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Alomii has been blessed with many customers since its opening as a manipulative salon in Takadanobaba, and has a treatment menu to heal various problems including stiff shoulders and back pain. In addition, we are close to each person and propose an optimal treatment menu, so customers who have never used the salon on a daily basis should come to the store with peace of mind.
We are actively disseminating information on our blog so that you can feel the service and treatment more familiar. Please check the website for useful information.

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    Homepage released

    We will update from now on. Please have a look
The salon that proposes the optimal treatment menu for the troubles you have asked us is also doing treatment for men from the strong desire to provide healthy beauty regardless of gender and age, If you have never used a salon, please use this opportunity. Responding to the customer's request, “There is no salon that can be used casually even if there is free time”, it is open every day from 10:00 to 22:00. Also, it is one of the features that it is close to the nearest station, so please drop in at various situations, such as between shopping and returning from work.
In addition to performing high-quality treatments, we are updating our blog because we want to deliver various information about beauty and health. We will deliver information that will be useful to our customers, such as salon treatment menus and services, so please visit us as a reference for your blog.