Manipulative salon is open every day at Takadanobaba

Takadanobaba's manipulative salon provides support to fulfill various goals as a beauty and health professional so that your personal life becomes more beautiful and wonderful, so feel free to consult us when you come to the store. Please give me.
Thanks to customers who choose Aromy from many salons scattered throughout Tokyo, we have built up many achievements so far. Every effort is made to respond carefully to the desire to return everyday gratitude, so customers who are considering using for the first time should come to the store with peace of mind.

Features of Aromy

If you are looking for a manipulative salon in Takadanobaba

The salon, which makes use of various experiences accumulated so far in order to make daily private life healthier and more beautiful, offers a wide variety of menus to meet the wide range of demands of customers seeking total beauty. We prepare. For those who are not using salons on a daily basis, or for customers who may decide to choose a menu, we offer the best treatments for various problems.
Since we are open every day from 10am to 22:00 without taking a rest within walking distance from the station, we are happy to hear from our customers that they can easily stop by after work. Using the voice of satisfaction that we have received, we are working hard every day to increase the sensitivity to various information so that we can continue to be a familiar presence that supports beauty and health. We also accept reservations over the phone and the Internet, so if you are thinking of visiting us, please use it.

Manipulative salon based in Takadanobaba provides high quality treatments

To achieve the goals set by female customers, such as small faces and total beauty, the salon that supports beauty professionals with a variety of experiences, as well as treatments specialized in various troubles, have a relaxing and comfortable time. We are focusing on creating a safe atmosphere from the desire to enjoy. Please feel free to visit us as we provide services not only with the high-quality technologies and abundant knowledge we have learned through our many achievements so far, but also with the way we interact with customers and hospitality.
We try to heal our customers by facing the pain of the body that feels stress in various scenes such as stiff shoulders and back pain, and repeat it many times by preparing a wide range of treatment menus from the head to the soles We are also blessed with repeaters who use it. Please use this opportunity to change your feelings of gratitude and sincerity into treatment and deliver it to your customers.

It is a salon with a rich menu such as small face adjustment and manipulative treatment in Takadanobaba

We offer a wide range of menus that can heal both the body and mind, from treatments that adjust the body's tone, such as pelvic adjustment, to aroma treatments and reflexology. The menu will be limited to women only, but we will help you to stay beautiful forever with treatments using natural oils that can slowly heal your mind and body.
Although it is only available on days of the week, it is also available for men, so please feel free to contact us when considering using it. The service is also available in English, so if you have a foreigner who speaks English to a friend, you can use it without any problems when you recommend it. Celebrity therapists such as athletes and celebrities are dedicated to helping you soothe your body and mind, so be sure to experience quality treatments.

Please use the menu-rich manipulative salon in Takadanobaba

We help with healing both in terms of beauty and health, from relief of tension and tension at the head spa, to helping with small face and shape up. Pelvic distortions can cause symptoms in various places as well as in that area, but there is also a menu for adjusting the pelvis, so please consult us if you want to prevent it before symptoms appear.
There are aroma oil treatments and reflexology on the menu where you can expect a beauty effect, so you can relieve stress as well as body fatigue. There are many menus that combine various treatments, so you can choose the one that best suits your condition and needs. Experienced therapists will propose the best menu for each customer, so please consult us if you have any problems.


You can receive manipulative treatment such as pelvic adjustment at Takadanobaba

You can receive treatment that suits you regardless of gender

If you are looking for a salon where you can receive beauty treatments in Takadanobaba, you should use Alomii. You can choose a menu that suits each customer, from treatment to relieve the symptoms of stiffness to treatment that can be expected to have a beauty effect. There are menus specializing in beauty that can expect facial lift-up and small face effects, but men are also available, so please feel free to consult us.
Our experienced therapists who have accumulated experience under the Chinese doctor and have been in charge of many athletes and celebrities are enrolled, so you can receive high-quality treatment with peace of mind. We are politely helping you to improve your physical and mental health, so please come and experience the healing time of your body and mind.

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