You can receive body and body care such as pelvic correction at Takadanobaba

You can receive treatment that suits you regardless of gender

If you are looking for a salon where you can receive manipulative treatment in Takadanobaba, please use Alomii. You can choose a menu that suits each customer, from treatment to relieve the symptoms of stiffness to treatment that can be expected to have a beauty effect. There are menus specializing in beauty that can expect facial lift-up and small face effects, but men are also available, so please feel free to consult us.
Our experienced therapists who have accumulated experience under the Chinese doctors and have been in charge of many athletes and celebrities are enrolled, so you can receive high-quality treatment with peace of mind. We are politely helping you with your physical and mental well-being, so be sure to experience the healing time of your body and mind.


A menu-rich manipulative salon in Takadanobaba

You can choose an abundant menu that suits your condition

Q & A

We will help beauty with head spa and small face adjustment

I will answer your questions

Can I use a credit card?
It can be used.
Do you have a change of clothes?
There is.
What should I do if I am late?
Please contact us by phone. Please note that the treatment time may be shortened.
Can I get treatment while I am pregnant?
Only those who have been diagnosed with a doctor's diagnosis can be treated.
Can I bring in oil?
Yes, it's fine.

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A few minutes walk from the nearest station


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Tak Eleven 9F, 2-19-7 Takadanobaba, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo

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11:00 to 23:00

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Alomii, which is open as a manipulative salon, close to Takadanobaba Station every day, is the optimal treatment for each customer from a menu that heals various troubles such as stiff shoulders and back pain and accumulated daily fatigue. We are proposing. Also, we are waiting for customers to visit from 10:00 to 22:00 for a long time, so please come to the store according to various situations and situations such as returning home from work or between housework.,139.6339344,17z/data=!3m1!4b1
About us

Please use the manipulative salon proven in Takadanobaba

It is a salon with many achievements in Takadanobaba that performs manipulative treatment and head spa

We offer a menu that suits your needs and conditions with a variety of treatments, from treatments that directly affect the body, such as pelvic adjustment and small face adjustment, to treatments that can be expected to have a relaxing effect such as aroma treatment and head spa. I will do it. Therapists who have been in charge of many athletes and celebrities so far are enrolled, so you can receive a wide variety of high-quality treatments with peace of mind. Small face adjustment and facial lift-up can also be performed, so it is the perfect salon for customers with high aesthetics who have always kept a beautiful figure.
Some people who continue various routine work on a daily basis may have problems with stiff shoulders and back pain that have become chronic by maintaining an unreasonable posture. Even those with such problems can expect a synergistic effect of healing that can balance the body and mind by combining physical treatment and treatment that can relax the mind. There are many menus specializing in beauty that are ideal for female customers, but we also accept male use, so please feel free to use it.

Please come to your physical and mental condition at the manipulative salon in Takadanobaba

Our professional therapists, such as professional athletes and celebrities, will assist you in relieving the pain of daily life with high quality treatments. We offer menus for a variety of symptoms, from treatments that relieve stiff shoulders and back pain caused by excessive posture and overuse in daily life, aroma oil treatments and reflexology that can relieve mental stress. With chiropractic that physically relieves physical symptoms, it is difficult to experience a relaxed state of mind at the same time, but you can experience a relaxed state of mind and body. You can expect maintenance.
Many menus are available for women who are pursuing beauty, such as small face adjustment and lift-up, but men can also use it. A therapist with a proven track record from counseling to treatment is in charge, and the quality of each treatment is high, so we can provide the menu that best suits your needs and conditions, so you can worry Please do not hesitate to tell us at the counseling stage.